Why Happiness Is About Enjoying Life’s Little Things

Happiness is a choice. You have the power to shift your mindset, even when you’re under the influence of powerful negative emotions.

Instead of looking for the terrible things that could happen, we need to watch for the great things that are already out there.

Imagine the power of a small flower growing out of a driveway crack. What about the extra shot of hazelnut syrup the barista gave you with a wink?

Even a stranger holding the door open for you is one of the little things in life that should make us happy, but we take these moments for granted instead of appreciating them. 

How Can I Stop Taking Things for Granted?

1. Slow it down.

We live life today in a constant rush. Try to prioritize time for yourself each day. The world isn’t going to end if you skip the dishes for a day or stay home from work to care for yourself once. Everyone deserves a break.

2. Be thankful.

Try to appreciate the interactions you have with others. When someone does something for you, express your thankfulness. Whether they’re getting paid or not to be of service doesn’t matter. 

3. Write in a gratitude journal.

It helps to review your day to see if you can find at least five things that make you thankful. When you consciously focus on positive things, seeing how much good stuff happened is much easier.

4. Stop expecting support.

Other people aren’t here to serve your needs. You’ll be disappointed by a lot of people if you’re always No. 1. Try to practice social reciprocity instead. When you do something nice, karma brings it back in return.

5. Embrace frugality.

We have more luxuries than we realize in today’s world. Instead of having high expectations, try to cut back on the materialistic side of life. You can start by waiting a week before purchasing anything.

There is nothing wrong with getting some healthy dopamine going through your system! Life should be happy. When we focus on enjoying life, it stays that way more often.