What to Look for in a Weighted Therapy Blanket

Weighted blankets provide several potential therapeutic benefits. People use them to manage stress, sleep better at night, and limit anxiety.

When you have a weighted blanket around you, it feels like a long-lasting hug from someone you love!

That comfort comes at a significant price. Most of the better blankets in this category are priced at $100 or more. That’s why it is crucial to know what to look for when shopping for this item.

1. Find Your Preferred Weight

Adult weighted therapy blankets range from ten to 25 pounds. If you shop for one for kids, they start around five pounds. The typical rule is to buy one that’s 10% of your current bodyweight, rounding up to the next level. That means if you weigh 240 pounds, you’d want a 25-pound product.

2. Glass Beads vs. Plastic Pellets

When you find a weighted therapy blanket with plastic pellets, you’ll have a product that feels bulkier. If it has glass beads, it often feels a little heavier with a thinner material. Either choice works well to provide the comfort you want.

The one ingredient to consider is its fiberfill. If you want something breathable, try to find one without this insulation.

3. Removable Covers

Weighted blankets can be challenging to wash because of their weight. If you have a product that weighs ten pounds or more, you’ll need a commercial-quality washer and dryer. That’s why removable covers are sometimes worth the investment. You can remove that item, get everything clean, and avoid the cleaning hassle.

4. Find Your Preferred Size

Your weighted blanket should cover your body from the neck to your toes. There shouldn’t be a lot of leftover material beyond those measurements. That’s why a twin-sized blanket is usually appropriate for this product. If you sleep with it, it shouldn’t hang off the side of the bed because it will slip onto the floor.

A weighted therapy blanket can help you stay calm, get warm, and have a protective shell against anxiety. It might be an expensive option, but it is often worth the investment for a better night of sleep.