What Is Hyper Self-Awareness Disorder?

Hyper self-awareness disorder is a mental awareness of specific concerns about involuntary or forgettable body processes. When you think about performing them, they feel uncomfortable.

There is also an issue with hyperawareness obsessions where any slight change to body processes becomes a fearful event. 

It’s a cruel thought that says you used to be one way, but now you are another – and that is a wrong condition.

Common Experiences with Hyper Self-Awareness Disorder

As with any obsession, each person experiences hyper self-awareness disorder in different ways. Any or all of the symptoms might cause uncomfortable feelings that lead to unwanted thoughts, choices, or behaviors. 

  • Problems with where the tongue rests in the mouth.
  • Minor pains or itches that appear suddenly.
  • Bowel pressure or bladder problems that seem unusual.
  • White noises that don’t seem familiar.
  • Hunger levels that happen when bored.
  • Hairs that touch the neck, ears, or forehead.
  • Conscious blinking or breathing. 
  • Changes to the heart’s rhythm. 

Since obsessions have roots in anxiety, anyone with hyper self-awareness disorder must look at what triggers their fear. 

It could be an over-sensitivity or a low tolerance for a specific feeling. This issue can also get you stuck on an unwanted thought or feeling, including violent or sexual thoughts.

What makes it even worse for people with this disorder is that they feel stuck without a sense of purpose? They question and criticize themselves for being who they are, which creates a negative spiral that can lead to other unwanted feelings.

If you think that hyper self-awareness disorder affects your life, it’s crucial to seek professional help with your symptoms.