Wakeup Alarms That Help You Wake Gently

When the alarm sounds in the morning, does it feel like you’re getting jarred awake? Although we’re used to that experience, that doesn’t mean it is a healthy routine we should be following.

Our bodies want to be in tune with the natural rhythms of our planet. That’s why you’ll typically wake up as the sun rises and feel tired when it sets.

You can simulate that experience by using a wakeup alarm that mimics the sun rising. It’s instrumental during the winter months when you need to get up for school or work while the world is still dark.

What Are the Best Wakeup Alarms to Use?

1. Philips SmartSleep Alarm Clock

This wakeup alarm shifts from a red dawn to a bright yellow day over 30 minutes. If that process doesn’t wake you up, a more traditional option with an FM radio or nature sounds can serve as your backup.

2. Lumie Bodyclock Active 250

When you prefer to sleep in a dark room, you’ll find that this wakeup alarm does an excellent job. You can turn off the digital clock to ensure the circadian rhythms deliver positive results. It even comes with a dimmable lamp to do some reading.

3. AMIR Wakeup Light

With eight natural alarm noises and three brightness choices to use, you’ll appreciate how this product wakes you up in the morning. You’ll feel more rested with the cycle, even if you’re not a morning person. It can also serve as a bedside lamp.

4. Homagical Store Wakeup Clock

This wakeup clock uses a natural wood grain to create a bigger first impression for your bedroom’s décor. It gently wakes you, but it can also encourage sleep with its sunset function. You can choose from seven different colors and adjust the brightness levels.

If you’re feeling tired all of the time, it might help to speak with a doctor to see if any medical concerns could be causing the issue. When you’re clear there, consider grabbing one of these alarm clock devices to help!