VR Games to Aid Meditation and Relaxation

Virtual reality has become the go-to aid for many industries. It can be useful for training purposes, interior design, and video games.

A new line of VR games is coming out to encourage you to relax and meditate through your gear. These options provide an affordable way to enhance your current routines or start a new one.

Some titles may not be available on all platforms.

List of the Best VR Games for Meditating and Relaxing

1. Google VR Earth

This free app lets you explore the planet as if you are 200 miles in orbit above it. You can find a pretty spot, reach ground level, and enjoy the scene. You can even set the time of day.

2. Tetris Effect

With this game, you’ll mix the classic gameplay with unique sounds that fit into a rhythmic experience. It’s a gentle way to stimulate the mind while encouraging it to explore new possibilities.

3. Surge

Although it is only one track, this musically reactive experience from 2016 can still provide a decisive result. Many people pair it with Apex, which was released a year later.  You can also start with this game and move to something else for an extended session.

4. Gadgeteer

With this VR game, you’re essentially creating a virtual reality Rube Goldberg machine. The sandbox mode for this title lets you build whatever you want, while the primary game mode offers 60 puzzles to complete.

5. Vrkshop

This VR woodworking game is strangely soothing, offering a hands-on experience where you must mark, measure, and cut the items for each project. It challenges you to use realistic tools to create furniture without providing complete instructions.

6. Drops: Rhythm Garden

The shapes you place in this VR environment make different sounds as they get struck with flying balls. It allows you to create a different composition every time, creating your own meditation music to use.

VR games could be the future of meditation. When you have titles like these to play, you know that you’re going to have a good day.