Use Exercise to Help Overcoming Smoking

When people try to stop an addictive habit, they often trade one thing for another. That means if you want to quit drinking, you might pick up smoking as a habit.

If you want to stop taking painkillers, you might start using alcohol to numb the pain instead.

A better option to quell an addiction like smoking is to implement an exercise routine. When combined with products from brands like Thorne Research or Integrative Therapeutics, you’re giving your lungs a potential boost. 

How Does Exercise Help People to Stop Smoking?

One of the most significant barriers that people face when they try to stop smoking is the cravings. It’s the most common symptom of nicotine withdrawal.

When you have an exercise plan available, you can manage the cravings when they hit. The physical activity can help take your mind off the issue until you get past the problem.

Exercise provides more than a simple distraction. It has several other benefits worth considering.

  1. Short activity periods reduce smoking urges while making you sweat, breathe harder, and get your heart to start beating faster. These attributes strengthen them, which is why running, boxing, or swimming are all great choices.
  2. Nicotine acts as a stimulant, reducing the urge to eat. When you quit, it might be tempting to eat more. Exercise can limit those gains.
  3. Withdrawal symptoms can ease during the time spent exercising and up to 50 minutes after.
  4. Physical movement can help people cope with stress, improve their mood, and have more energy.

It doesn’t take much time to experience these benefits. A simple 30-minute workout each day can help you manage many cravings. You can also plan for immediate options when a strong craving hits.