Use a Moving Checklist to Move Smarter, Not Harder

One of the main reasons we all dread the moving process is because we worry too much about what could go wrong during transit. However, if you pack correctly with sturdy boxes – not flimsy ones which are more likely to break open en route – then you can protect your belongings from being damaged or lost . If you have enough time consider getting professional packing services , especially if you have a large number of delicate or valuable items.

Another way to ensure that your belongings are safe during the move is to pack an essentials bag which will include all the necessary items that you’ll need for the first few days in your new home – such as clothes, toiletries, medicines and important documents. This way you’ll avoid having to unpack everything and search through boxes for what you need when you’re tired and stressed after moving.

Packing Tips

– Label each box with a list of its contents and the room it should be unpacked in.

– Pack heavier items on the bottom and lighter ones on top.

– Place breakable items in boxes marked ‘fragile’.

– If you don’t have time to pack, consider moving companies that offer packing services .

Moving Tips

– Use wardrobe boxes for moving your clothes. These can be hung on a rail and will protect more delicate items such as dresses and suits than moving them in cardboard boxes.

– Wrap mirrors and pictures in bubble wrap before placing inside their moving box – just make sure you secure the bubble wrap so its contents do not fall out during transit.

– Remove or fix any hanging shelves or brackets on the wall so they don’t get damaged during moving.

Seriously though, when in doubt, work with a moving company. Moving companies have experience all the way from packing through delivery at your new residence. If packing and planning are overwhelming, engaging movers earlier in the moving process may be a benefit to you.