Unique Meditation Types You Need to Try

Did you know that there are over 100 different meditation types you can try?

Most people tend to use the Buddhist meditation techniques to achieve the stress-relief and other physical benefits that come with its practice. These options are mindfulness, loving-kindness, Zazen, and Vipassana.

If you find that these methods aren’t creating the results you want to see, here are some alternatives you could try from other cultures.

What Are the Best Non-Buddhist Meditation Types?

1. Taoist Meditation

This meditation option focuses on unifying the body and spirit. The goal is to find a place of inner peace to create a quieter mind. Some of the niche styles in this category work to improve life longevity and your overall health, incorporating visualization and specific breathing techniques.

2. Chi Kung Meditation

When you follow this Chinese meditation philosophy, you’re cultivating energy within the mind while performing slow body movements. It’s the perfect option for people who struggle to sit still while meditating. If you’ve ever tried tai chi or taekwondo, you’ll find the processes are quite similar.

3. Self-Inquiry Meditation

When you practice this meditation option, you’re committing to something closer to a philosophy exercise. By asking yourself about who you are, you can dig deeper into the seas of your inner being. It challenges the ego without creating a threatening environment that makes your subconscious shy away.

4. Nada Yoga

This Vedic approach to meditation focuses on sound. You might begin with some calming music or brainwave entrainment techniques. As everything starts to quiet, you’ll begin to hear the noises your body makes. As you keep going deeper into this perspective, the goal is to listen to the para nada, or the ultimate sound of the universe. It is a noise that happens without vibration.

You don’t need to sit in the lotus position to try meditating. You can lie in bed, relax in the shower, or take a walk to gather the benefits of this practice. As long as it works to quiet the mind, you’ll find it to be a successful experience.