Tools to Keep in Your Self-Affirmation Toolbox

If you’re reading this, you deserve a pat on the back. You made it through the trials and tribulations of 2020!

Although everyone here today got through those rough times, some people had a more successful experience than others. What makes a few people ultra-resilient and adaptable to changing circumstances?

The answer lies in their self-affirmation toolbox. When you have more tools to use when problems occur, you’ve got more opportunities to fix stuff.

Affirmations Are the Best Tools You Can Use

Why are affirmations the best mental tool you can use?

These positive and inspiring messages don’t require a place or time of use. You can repeat them to yourself whenever something stressful or challenging comes your way.

When you repeat these helpful phrases repetitively, even if it is only for a couple of minutes, you’ll find that they get stuck there in your brain.

What does the mind do with a stuck thought? It provides it with credibility!

If you repeat a helpful phrase like, “I am worthy of happiness,” you’ll create a self-fulfilling prophecy that lets you feel happier throughout the day.

When you want more opportunities to pursue in your life, you might say, “I am ready to take on that promotion!” This self-affirmation will help you look for ways to make that statement come true.

Additional Tools to Put into Your Toolbox

Although self-affirmations are an excellent tool to use, they aren’t the only item you’ll want to have in your toolbox. Here are some other things that you’ll want to consider adding.

1. Meditation

It only takes 20 minutes of meditating to reduce stress levels dramatically. You can even include affirmations during this time to take care of two tools simultaneously!

2. Reframing

Instead of looking at the destructive tendencies of what happens in your life, try looking at the positive outcomes instead. You might switch “People hate me” to “People would like me more if I let them get to know me.”

3. Visualization

This tool lets you mentally rehearse a task or situation before it happens. It’s like a dress rehearsal or a practice session.

You are an incredible person! When you add these tools to your toolbox, you’ll find that there is very little that can hold you back.