Should You Skip Therapy in Favor of Self-Help Books?

People like to say that there are two sure things in life: death and taxes.

A third option should get added to that list. Each year, there’s a new self-help book that gets published. It becomes a viral bit of advice that everyone starts following.

You hear everyone talking about the unique way the author provides a positive outlook, offers assistance, or changes lives. These books are an excellent read, and some might even offer useful outcomes.

We must remember that a self-help book does not replace professional therapy.

Benefits of Choosing Therapy Over a Self-Help Book

Although therapy is more expensive than a book, you can also see more progress in your overall health goals when making this investment. Here are the ways it can help.

1. Therapy provides a safe space without triggers.

It’s not uncommon for self-help books to offer triggering content. Since everyone has different experiences, emotions, and anxieties, one publication can’t cover everything. If you opt for therapy, it meets you where you’re at instead of being a one-size-fits-all solution.

2. It takes an individualized approach.

Therapists receive specialized training to help you work through the issues that are bothersome in your life. The goal is to look for potential solutions that can make things start working on getting better. If you need to pause to discuss something specific, a self-help book has no way to make that happen.

3. You get to be heard.

When you pick up a self-help book, the author is talking to you. The goal is to hear the lessons they’re trying to convey to you. There is no way for the writer to listen to your specific needs. If you have a therapist with a regular appointment, you know that there’s a place where you can be heard.

Should you skip the therapist for self-help books? In most situations, the answer is “no.” Although the advice in print could be useful, a personalized approach is almost always more valuable. Asking yourself “empowering questions” may also help to fine-tune your life.