Self-Help Gurus You Should Check Out

When a self-help book isn’t good enough, it can be useful to review the other works that the authors and gurus produce.

Although these individuals cannot take the place of a personal therapist, their unique insights and inspirational thoughts can deliver some life-changing results!

Here are the people that you should get to know better today.

Who Are the Best Self-Help Gurus?

1. Richard Carlson

If you’re tired of sweating the small stuff, this self-help guru has some advice that you’ll want to hear. Although some people categorize the content as being sentimental and borderline cheesy, the message is loud and clear. The best way to change your life sometimes is to have a healthy dose of perspective.

2. Barbara Sher

Sher developed a unique approach to examining your career. She felt that some people were better suited to be generalists, switching between different ideas to stay productive. You don’t need to be a specialist to have a meaningful life, which often runs counter to others’ advice.

3. Sonja Lyubomirsky

Her work as a psychology researcher at the University of California makes Lyubomirsky the perfect candidate for a self-help guru. She’s been the leader in this field’s research to determine what advice is meaningful and the options you should leave behind. If you want to see some clinical research that examines your life issues, you’ll want to check out her work.

4. David Burns

Although Burns’ book is over 30 years old, the advice has been clinically researched to be as effective as psychotherapy or prescription drugs for managing depression. It introduces the initial concepts of cognitive-behavioral therapy, helping people identify automatic thoughts that sometimes trigger negative emotions.

A self-help guru won’t get to know you personally, but they can provide a unique perspective that some people find to be helpful. When you’d like to look into this advice, these are the first pros whose work you should review.