Not Sure What to Listen to? Ways to Discover New Music

Music is a vital part of life, there is hardly anyone that doesn’t listen to music. We have music on our phones, on our computers on virtually every device we use that is capable of connecting to the Internet or holding media files.

You might have special playlists, favorite songs, types of songs you like,  and favorite artists. However, it might get old listening to the same songs or the same type of songs or artists over and over. You might just need to discover new songs, or you might just not be sure of what to listen to. This is where we come in. 

Sure, this happens to everyone at some point, but there are ways to overcome this, they include:

Vinyl Club

Joining a vinyl club is an excellent way to discover new music, you will be sent new music to your mail at regular intervals. The music sent to you would be editions that are not common. This way You get access to and get to listen to unique music that only people in that club get access to. Joining a vinyl club is sure to change your life in terms of getting access, or discovering new music.


Giving the technological advancement of this age finding new music is not as difficult as it was in the olden days. If you don’t know what to listen to and you want to discover new music, you could simply subscribe to a streaming platform, this way you get access to countless new music, playlists, and upcoming artists. Virtually every artist and the record label uploads their music to one or more streaming platforms. If you try discovering new music by streaming you’re sure to find what are you looking for. Spotify and Amazon are the two most common streaming services you could try.

Through streaming You discover new music as they are released or uploaded, you could turn on your notifications and receive instantaneous notification for every new music that is released on the platform of your choice. You could pick your favorite genre of music, artists, and songs, This way you get notifications that are more tailored to your taste in music. You could download playlists of various artists that are suited to your particular mood, You could share these playlists with other people to make them private. No matter how your taste in music or your age streaming is a great option for discovering new music especially when you’re not sure what to play.

Social Media

Billions of people have accounts on various social media platforms, this is one of the staples of modern-day life, as such a lot of the things that happen and become popular first start on social media platforms. Most artists I have social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and they regularly update their followers and fans with information of what is happening in their lives and careers as they happen. 

So, If you want to discover new music following your favorite artist and record labels on social media could be a great way to discover their new music. You would get regular updates of their releases. You could also follow pages dedicated to music lovers that regularly update their members about new music. 

On social media, You would also see trends as they happen, music trends especially this way you get to discover new music go on any platform download them or even listen to them directly on the social media platforms. 


This is a good way to discover new music, DJ’s are usually Great sources of music as it is paramount to the success of their careers. There is no better place to find DJs than at parties. When you go to parties you would discover new music. 

If you follow any of our above advice you are sure to discover new music and escape the indecision of what to listen to.