How to Put Yourself and Your Needs First

In a world where everything drags your attention, your finances, and your mental health with you, there just has to be a way to put yourself and everything that concerns your well-being above every other thing. After all, you’re here on earth to live for you. Everything else that comes after you have taken care of your needs can go to charity.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to put yourself and your needs first so that most of what you earn for yourself can be used to take good care of yourself and your needs before extending the hand of care to others.

1. Create a prioritized list of your needs

Whether you like it or now, there will always be needs that are more pressing than others. Put those needs at the top of the list, and gradually bring it down. The farther you go, the less critical the needs are. When you’re done listing your needs, then you can start to think about other things like your wants and what you can do for others.

If your priority list has anything to do with your finances, ensure that you have deducted your savings from the amount that you have.

2. Speak with family and friends about your decision

Sometimes, a significant setback in placing yourself and your needs first is whether or not your family is going to think you’re selfish. Self-care and self-awareness have nothing to do with selfishness, so you have to inform them beforehand that you’re going to be spending the most of your earnings, time, and other resources on things as they relate to you.

Once you have gotten them to understand, remember that you need to factor them into the prioritized list so that you don’t eventually come off as selfish.

3. Always factor others into your dealings

As mentioned earlier, putting yourself and your needs first shouldn’t be turned into selfishness. If all you do and care about is yourself, you’re not practicing self-care but selfishness, which is why you must always remember that the people you live with, your colleagues, your friends, your subordinates, or anyone else that gets in touch with you in any way is part of your life. Treat them with care and diligence.

4. Dare

Who says it’s going to be a comfortable journey all the way through? Sometimes, what will make you happy and fulfilled is just on the other side of a difficult situation. Achieve and conquer every milestone that you come up against. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t find success all the time; just make sure you stay true to the things that make you and everyone around you happy, but make sure “YOU” come first.

5. Celebrate yourself

What’s a better way to be sure that you’re coming first in the list of things to do? It’s simple: celebrate yourself. Give yourself a good reward for achieving success. If you fail, pick yourself up, and keep going. Always think about yourself and what is ahead.