How to Perform Positive Affirmation Meditation

Positive affirmation meditation follows the same techniques as mantra-based styles to create beneficial outcomes.

It is a methodology that you can implement almost anywhere. Even if you’re sitting in front of a computer working, a few positive affirmations can brighten your day.

The problem that most people face with this style is that their affirmations don’t ring true. Unless you come with an authentic heart and an open mind, the benefits will stay closed off to you.

What Are Good Positive Affirmations to Say?

Although you can find hundreds of different examples of positive affirmations online, none of them might speak to you in a helpful way. That’s when it is time to start developing ones on your own to say.

The first step is to focus on what you have or want. This attitude brings the positive energy you need to the affirmation.

Once you get into that state of mind, you’ll want to create positive information that keeps you in the present moment. You’re using “I am” statements instead of “I will be.”

The final step is to keep the affirmation short. You only need a few words to encourage more positive energy to come your way!

Examples of Positive Affirmations to Use

After you get into a meditative state and have focused on your breathing for a couple of minutes, it is time to think-say your positive affirmations.

Here are some examples to use. It helps to remember that the phrase should feel authentic! If you need to modify any of them to achieve that outcome, please take the necessary steps to do so.

1. “I am finding new ways to be kind to myself.”

2. “I am compassionate to myself in difficult times.

3. “I am loved.”

4. “I am supported.”

5. “I am confident and strong.”

6. “I am ready to face my day.”

When you spend up to 20 minutes with positive affirmation meditation, you can discover an entirely different world is waiting for you when you step outside.