How To Get Started on Your First Guitar

Before you learn guitar, it’s a good idea to know what type of guitar you want to learn to play: acoustic or electric. Once you settle on one, it’s time to find the right instrument!

If you’re a beginner who wants an acoustic guitar, make sure the guitar has nylon strings. Nylon strings will be easier on your fingers because they aren’t as hard to press down as steel strings. This means you’ll get sore fingers less often and can focus more on learning instead of dealing with pain! Most guitars come with nylon strings anyway but if not, don’t fret! Ask a salesperson at a music store or guitar center and they’ll be able to fix you up.

Start by learning guitar chords These are the basic guitar shapes like G, C, and D that make up most guitar songs. Once you learn these shapes and practice them every day your fingers will get stronger and faster when you play guitar!

Another thing you can do is purchase guitar tablature for beginners . Guitar tabs show guitarists where their fingers go instead of having them memor different areas on the neck. This is great for guitarists who are still learning the guitar neck and want to be able to get started playing guitar right away.

Guitar tabs are generally free on the internet too! Guitar players sometimes write guitar tablature into guitar sheet music but it can get confusing because guitar tablature shows where each finger goes while guitar sheet music only shows which strings to strum with your plectrum or pick.

It’s also not a bad idea to hire an instructor, especially if you’re learning finger picking patterns. An instructor also adds a layer of accountability to help you stick with the hobby of playing guitar to a point where you gain an intermediate level of skill.

If you’re a teen looking for electric guitar, you could aim for buying an electric guitar pack. Electric guitar packs usually come with an amp, gig bag, guitar strap, guitar cable, guitar picks, guitar tuner, and more. The guitar pack will save you from buying all the accessories separately which can end up costing a ton of money!

For more seasoned players, getting a killer acoustic or electric guitar becomes a dream come true. Vintage guitars are also options that carry unique sounds and stories with them.

Get a guitar and get started! It’s a skill you won’t regret learning!