How Emotional Issues Can Lead to Heart Problems

When stressful situations arise, does it feel like your heart starts racing?

Stress triggers the body’s fight-or-flight survival reaction. When you have an emotional response that generates this surge, someone with existing heart disease concerns could start dealing with an acute cardiac event.

It’s essential to take items from brands like Integrative Therapeutics and Terry Naturally to support your heart, especially when your doctor is part of that conversation.

It also helps to know the warning signs of a heart that might be in trouble.

You Don’t Need to Experience a Heart Attack to Have Cardiac Problems

Heart failure can be an acute or a chronic problem. The best way to prevent an incident is to prevent or control conditions that could serve as a trigger.

That’s why knowing the heart failure signs and symptoms is critical to your ongoing health. It can include any or all of the following.

  • Shortness of breath during exertion.
  • Weakness or fatigue.
  • Swelling in the feet, ankles, and legs.
  • An irregular or rapid heartbeat.
  • Reduce ability to exercise.
  • Persistent coughing with white or pink phlegm.
  • Swelling in the abdomen.
  • Rapid weight gain because of fluid retention.
  • Increased urination at night.

If you experience chest pain, severe weakness, fainting, or a rapid heartbeat with shortness of breath, the incident should be treated as a medical emergency.

Although these symptoms can be heart-related, they can also get caused by other issues – including some that are not a medical emergency. That’s why it helps to have regular checkups with your doctor to ensure your cardiac health is where it should be.