Empowering Questions to Ask Yourself

Having conversations with yourself can be an empowering experience. Your mind loves it when you take the time to ask it a question!

If you ask the right questions, the answers you receive offer greater focus, more understanding, and the chance to correct potential mistakes.

This process starts when you’re willing to keep an open mind about it. If you expect an empowering question to fail, you’ll create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Here are some of the best questions to ask.

When Was the Last Time You Asked an Important Question?

1. How can I set healthy boundaries with other people to have them stop trying to take advantage of me?

2. What obstacle is standing in my way right now that can lead me to more happiness?

3. Who are the people that I need to forgive in my life.

4. What motivates me to continue doing my best in everything?

5. When was the last time I did something for the first time.

6. Would my life be different if I felt like nobody would be judging me for the choices I make?

7. What has a fear of failure stopped me from doing in the past?

8. What is the one step I can take today to release the anxiety that holds me back from the life I want?

9. At this moment, what is it that I want the most?

10. What causes me to get excited about life?

11. What are my top values, and am I including them in the decisions I make each day?

12. What is it that I love about myself today?

13. How will I define success?

14. Is there something that I haven’t done yet that I’d really like to do?

15. What is something that I’d like to start learning how to do?

16. Is there something that I do really well each day?

17. How would I describe my hopes for the future?

Asking yourself these questions frequently can help you build the foundation for a happy and successful life. The questions you ask yourself will determine the person you become.