5 Tips for Sneaking Away from Holiday Gatherings When You Need a Break

It would be nice if every family got along. It would be great if each supervisor, manager, or executive understood the daily circumstances of their direct reports.

Unfortunately, we often gather with people to celebrate the holidays that put us all near the border with insanity.

When you need to get some peaceful moments, here are some ways you can sneak away for some time alone. 

What Are the Best Ways to Save Your Sanity?

1. Set your boundaries.

Most people don’t change their routines. That means you know what to expect when celebrating the holidays in their company. Set some firm boundaries about what you’ll tolerate in each setting.

2. Lose the control mechanisms.

When you try to control others, you’re putting yourself under their control. The only way to avoid getting stuck in the drama is to unhook yourself from the systems. You’ve got to stop caring about how people see you. Hold your truth and let others do the same.

3. Become an observer.

You can participate in holiday gatherings while remaining an observer. It allows you to see what is happening while taking an outside perspective during the situation. You can even turn it into a game, such as “Dysfunctional Family Bingo.”

4. Debrief or vent with someone you trust.

When people get under your skin constantly, it helps to express your frustration to someone you trust. It doesn’t need to be a long conversation. As long as you can find yourself while letting the emotion subside, it’ll be a helpful experience.

5. Stop hoping for a better outcome. 

You can’t change people. Even if the only thing you want is socially appropriate behavior, you know that Uncle George will still complain about the same things. Instead of hoping for a different outcome, plan for the one you know will happen.

What do you do to create a sane holiday season with your family or coworkers?