5 Books to Help with Anger Management

If you struggle with angry reactions to virtually any stimulus, you’re not alone. People with dominant personality traits often respond with frustration when something unexpected happens.

It’s not about losing control or being angry with others. The problem involves structure. Individuals with a dominant personality prefer to operate within a predictable environment.

When that frustration starts targeting others or yourself in unhealthy ways, it’s time to look for help. These books that look at anger management techniques are a fantastic place to start.

1. It Didn’t Start with You

Some anger issues originate from places outside of your control. Some families have inherited trauma that tries to define who you are or what you can be. Instead of following the same cycle that your parents established in you, this book teaches how to let that go so that you can pursue a happier and healthier life.

2. Unf*ck Your Brain

This book won’t pull any punches. It lets you know what is happening inside of your head so that you can start fixing things. You’ll cover ideas like addiction, obsession, and trauma that can be overcome when using appropriate coping skills.

3. Get Out of Your Head

With this book, you’re challenged to stop listening to the inner critic. It’s that voice that says you’ll never be good enough or that others have a better life. Instead of questioning if others can love you, the goal of this title is to help you eliminate those toxic thoughts. When you refuse to be a victim, it won’t feel like you’re always overwhelmed.

4. The Anger Workbook

If you have this tool, you’re working with an interactive guide that identifies moments where you could manage anger better. It helps you see how the emotion makes you feel physically so that you can stop the cycle.

5. Mad at Everything

This book works to help you control your temper and let go of anger. The goal is to bring you toward a happier life! It’ll show you how to think before speaking, use humor to release tension, and identify alternative solutions.