23 Daily Mantras to Help You Overcome Challenges

One of the best ways to reinforce positive energy in your life is to repeat a helpful mantra.

When you repeat positive phrases and self-affirming statements, the mantras remove the negative thoughts in your head. Instead of listening to the critic within, you can see the positivity that surrounds you each day!

If you’re looking for some positive daily mantras to help you overcome some of life’s toughest challenges, here are a few fun ones to try.

List of the Best Daily Mantras for Overcoming Challenges

You don’t need to say each mantra on this list. Try to choose 2-3 that you can repeat over the next ten minutes that speak to your needs.

Close your eyes, listen to the words, and visualize their implementation.

1. I am a successful person.

2. There is nothing in this world that can hold me back.

3. I am healthy and creative.

4. I will find a path to the success I want.

5. I am intelligent.

6. I am a problem-solver.

7. I will discover a solution to my issue.

8. I deliver results.

9. I am focused on the big picture.

10. I am in charge of how I feel today.

11. I am the maker of my destiny.

12. What I am inside is what makes everything that happens to me outside.

13. I am worthy, valuable, and caring.

14. I will pursue happiness today with everything I have.

15. I am the creative center of my universe.

16. I am rooting for my own success.

17. I am the most excellent version of me this universe has ever seen.

18. I have the power to remove the obstacles in my life.

19. I am deserving of the opportunities I receive.

20. I am looking on the bright side of life.

21. I will always focus on hope.

22. I am confident in all things.

23. I offer an essential perspective on the problems we face.