15 Self Help Journal Prompts

It can be lots of fun to start a new journal. When you put pen to paper, it often feels like you’re beginning a new chapter of your life.

Journaling is a popular form of self-care because it works. People experience improvements in their emotional intelligence, confidence, and healing processes.

The one issue that impacts everyone at some point involves what they should write about in their journal. What can you write without being egotistical? If you’re stuck right now, here are some prompts to get those words flowing. 

What Are the Best Writing Prompts for a Self-Help Journal?

  1. What made me feel powerful today?
  2. What event helped me to calm down after a stressful experience?
  3. These events help me feel like I’m in control.
  4. How did I encourage myself to try something new?
  5. What choice can I make tomorrow that will help me meet my needs?
  6. In what way did I shift my mindset so that I could continue with my day?
  7. Are there steps that I can take to help me recharge better?
  8. These decisions helped me to celebrate myself today.
  9. I was able to do my best in this difficult situation because…
  10. I’m can do [fill in the blank] today because of these actions I took a year ago.
  11. Although I experienced negative thoughts, I could stay in control by taking the following steps.
  12. I found a way to trust myself today.
  13. It’s not easy for me to be alone, but I encountered a breakthrough this afternoon.
  14. I feel like I’m getting close to burning out.
  15. Why do I feel envious when I should feel joy after someone does something amazing?

By journaling with the answers to these statements and questions, you’ll find it gets a lot easier to fill up those pages!